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Enhanced Communication

With a global network of linguists, we bridge language divides, ensuring seamless communication in over 100 languages.

Customized Solutions

We offer flexible services, adapting to your specific requirements, whether legal transcription or foreign language translation.

Industry Expertise

Our experienced professionals are industry experts, ensuring accurate results in medical, legal, and more.

Efficiency and Expertise

We maintain impeccable quality standards, guaranteeing polished and error-free transcripts and translations.

Our Services

Translation Services

Experience flawless translations that bridge language gaps and expand your reach.

Transcription Services

Effortlessly convert audio and video into precise, written content, saving you time and resources.

Audio / Visual Services

Unlock the potential of your multimedia content with our audio and visual services, enhancing engagement.

Digitization of Media

Preserve your valuable media assets by digitizing them, ensuring long-lasting accessibility.

PRECISE TRANSCRIPTS LLC offers audio-visual transcription and digitization services across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Los Angeles (California), and Chicago (Illinois).