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Transcription & Language Translation Services:

Film, Dictation, Legal, Pharmaceutical, Foreign Language, Law Enforcement 


A billion dollar business, the film industry has a myriad of reasons for needing quality transcription services for video, audio, and film projects. With the worldwide growth of the film industry, getting all the players at the same table can be difficult, so you can be assured that your transcripts are well written, accurate, and impeccably formatted to your specific requirements. Don’t risk your audio texts getting garbled and lost. Let us help you make accurate records for your project. Formatted for time-coded transcription, or a clean copy to facilitate reading, film executives can rely on Precise for quality transcription services.

Film Transcriptions


Accurate dictations are crucial across the entire swath of communication efforts from corporate boardrooms to courtrooms and all points in between. Indeed, the legal, government, educational, medical, and financial arenas all depend on accurate recordings of meetings, depositions, and agreements that only accurate dictation services can provide. When time is of the essence, we can provide fully edited transcriptions of all your important meetings, customized to your exact specifications within a time frame that works for your project. Use our superior, professional services to avoid letting important information fall through the cracks.


The legal system is dependent on an accurate representation of the proceedings that surround a particular case long before it reaches the litigation stage. For instance, depositions, legal decisions, and discovery efforts involve a large number of end users who will receive the information, and it is important that the material be accurate, readable, and delivered promptly for all parties involved. Additionally, oftentimes, witness interviews and court proceedings are only delivered in audio format, which must be reviewed and adjusted during the transcription process. With a recognizably formatted legal document, litigators can easily go back and find referenced testimony without having to scour through hours of transcripts.

Legal Transcription


Pharmaceutical transcriptions are in high demand for companies looking to ensure that important information is not lost. Pharmaceutical companies keep detailed records of all important conversations and developments, whether on the research, regulatory, or compliance front. Accurate records demand exact transcribing services to help mitigate potential liability claims. A host of input goes into the development of new, cutting-edge lifesaving drugs from the Food and Drug Administration, research scientists, doctors, to the data supplied by various advisory boards. Time-coded transcription guarantees that everyone is reading from the same page and book as development projects move toward completion. Finally, detailed transcription illustrates that pharmaceutical companies are fully in compliance with all relevant regulations such as HIPAA guidelines, which can save the company substantially when presented as evidence of their efforts to remain in compliance.

Foreign Language


The global economy means that industry leaders must look beyond their own borders when conducting business, and while English is the primary language of business, finding partners fully versed in the language might be difficult. As such, we offer foreign language translations and transcription services that guarantee that all parties understand the full details of a particular agreement. Our foreign language translators are standing by to assist in any way possible from translating the different languages to transcribing those conversations into a readily accessible formatted transcript.


The idea of community-based policing is not a new one, and in communities with an array of inhabitants from different points on the compass means that not everyone is necessarily speaking the same language. Oftentimes, defendants, eye witnesses, and victims come into contact with law enforcement officers, and their testimony is recorded for later use in criminal proceedings. Ensuring that police officers, court authorities, and defense attorneys all have the important case information available, our translation and transcription teams are standing by to deliver quality material that is delivered on time in a usable format.

Law Enforcement


In the high stakes realm of litigation, effective documentation and presentation of evidence and trial preparation can make or break a case. Precise Transcripts has the solution for you. Our professional court reporters can handle all of your depositions, from the simplest to the most complex case. We deliver the most accurate transcripts in hard copy, electronically, and via our transcript repository - whichever works best for you.


We also provide conference rooms for rental. All of our rooms have access to all of the necessary technology required in this day and age. Examples would be projector access, wifi, conference speakerphone, and many more. 


Precise Transcripts court reporters have an extensive history of providing court reporting services to the legal and medical professions. We have gained the trust of our clients by providing dependable, consistent, and accurate work in a timely manner. Our reporters are the best in the industry with experience in every type of proceeding, such as depositions, hearings, EUOs, arbitrations, conferences, and meetings. Precise will exceed your expectations.  

Court Reporting
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